Men Sunglasses in sturdy, sleek and trendy designs. Protect your eyes form sun damage, while showing your succinct style. Our designs range from classic, retro, traditional to contemporary designs. We’ll ship them for free too.

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Acetate Wood UV400 Sunglasses

$65.99 $35.99
Acetate Wood UV400 Sunglasses. Classically designed polarized sunglasses is suitable for day to evening wear. Buy this sunglasses in 6

Aluminum Magnesium Polarized Sunglasses for Men

$54.99 $22.99
Aluminum Magnesium Polarized Sunglasses for Men. The light weight frame makes this pair a favorite. Buy this pair in 6

Aluminum Polarized Sunglasses For Men

$51.99 $22.99
Aluminum Polarized sunglasses for men. Protect your eyes from damaging sun rays. Buy in Black, Gray or Brown color. Features

Black-Square Frame Bamboo-Legs Sunglasses

$21.99 $17.99
Black-Square Frame Bamboo-Legs Sunglasses. Handmade Bamboo legs sunglasses. This unique sunglasses has Ultraviolet rays protection, so it shield the eyes
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Handmade Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses

Handmade Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses. Made from Bamboo frame and case. The metal trim around the lens make for a durable

Imitation Wood Square Sunglasses for Men

$36.99 $22.99
Imitation Wood Square Sunglasses for Men. Plastic frame designed to look like wood.Retro design that is trendy and suitable for
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Men’s Fashion Polarized Sunglasses

$20.99 $11.99
Men’s Fashion Polarized Sunglasses. Protects from ultraviolet rays A and B. Purchase this design in Black, Blue, Red and Silver

Men’s Steampunk Sunglasses

$25.99 $14.99
Men’s Steampunk Sunglasses. Vintage style design in 6 lens color variations. Supportive black frame rimmed with gold colored metal.  Features

Metallic Alloy Bridged Sunglasses for Men

$47.99 $26.99
Metallic Alloy Bridged Sunglasses for Men with Polarized Lens. The lens has  UV400 protection which blocks 99.5 – 100% harmful
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Outdoor Sunglasses for Women & Men

$24.99 $15.99
Outdoor Sunglasses for Women & Men. A classical designed piece that is suitable for day or evening wear. The trendy

Photochromic Driving Sunglasses for Men

Photochromic Driving Sunglasses for Men. The intelligent color-changing feature provides good light-transmittance and clear vision. In ultraviolet light, the radiation

Polarized Retro Sunglasses for Men

$20.99 $10.99
Polarized Retro Sunglasses for Men. Black frame supports a retro style sunglasses. Suitable protection against harmful UVA and UVB sun