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Preventing Untimely Replacement of Leather Belts!

Cowhide Pin-buckle Jeans Belt
Cowhide Pin-buckle Jeans Belt

There are instances when a leather belt is no longer usable, meaning it simple wouldn’t hold up a pair of pants. The obvious solution is to go shopping for a new one.

However, there are situations when the belt is still usable, but a new one is necessary for some reason. The scenarios to consider are many, and a primary reason for considering having multiple replacements for a perfectly good piece of leather belt is preservation of the current leather belt(s) in your wardrobe. Just like other items of clothing that are made out of leather, belts need some time off between wears, alternating between two to three leather belts will preserve all of them for a longer time

Another situation may involve having frayed belt holes due to over tightening or positioning of the buckle in the wrong hole size. Sure, the waist looks slimmer, but the belt holes end up widening and that area of the belt looks worn compared to the rest of the length. The solution to this is simple, buy more of the same belt type. Consider purchasing 3 or more of the same belts, if this is your chosen style of wearing a belt. An alternative is to purchase the automatic buckle leather belt, that clips on without the need for belt holes

Frayed Belt Holes on Leather Belt

What if the dog mistakenly loaded your pant in the washer with the belt still attached? Nice dog, but soggy leather belt. Also, it is good practice to remove belts as soon as the clothes are off, since leather bent to the shape of the waist tend to form creases after a prolonged period. In case, the dog makes a habit of loading laundry this way, consider buying cloth belts trimmed with leather.

Knitted Belt Trimmed with Leather
Knitted Belt Trimmed with Leather

Exposing leather belts to prolonged sunlight will likely to lead to discoloration of the belt, and yes, induce the purchase of a new belt. Wouldn’t want to be the guy with the multi-toned shade of black belt. To prevent this from happening, position your leather belt hanger in a closet with minimal variation in lighting and dampness. This will go a long way to preserve its color and texture.

There are many situations that may have forced you to buy a new leather belt, please share yours with us, along with tips on how to prevent reoccurrence of the situation.

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