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Choosing the Right Neck Tie to Polish Your Look

Looking sharp and well-dressed is more than just about the suit or outfit you wear, but also about the accessories and no accessory says more about a man than his tie. Picking the right tie doesn’t have to be hard when you know a few guidelines.

Classic Solid Color Neck Tie on Solid Color Shirt

Extra Long Size 145cm*8cm Jacquard Woven Neck Tie

Jacquard Woven Neck Tie

This look goes with a tie that is a darker or contrasting color to the shirt you are wearing. This could mean a pink shirt with a red or maroon tie, but if you are game for risking it, try more interesting solid color combinations.You can go with either a traditional tie or a bow tie for this combination.


Bold Pattern Neck Tie on Solid Color Shirt

Casual Polyester Silk Ties 8cm for men

Casual Polyester Silk Ties

To give your solid shirt a little more flare chose a boldly patterned tie that has a color pallet that will compliment your shirt. Your tie does not have to be a perfect match or even have a color that matches that of your tie. For example, you could go with a dark purple shirt and match it with a patterned tie that has blues or light purples


Pattern Neck Tie on Patterned Shirt Combination

6cm Fashion Dot Men’s Slim Business Tie

Fashion Dot Men’s Slim Business Tie

Once you have mastered these two tie and shirt combinations you can try matching a checkered shirt with a patterned tie. You may also try a shirt with a narrow stripes with a tie having bold geometric patterns. In either case, take care to match the minor color of the tie pattern with the check or stripe line of the shirt.

When matching a solid color shirt with a patterned tie, don’t be afraid of bold patterns. Choosing a boldly patterned tie can work exceptionally well if you are wearing both a solid shirt and a solid suit. You can use your tie to give your outfit an interesting pop of interest and flair.

Paisley Wooden Bow Tie Set with Handkerchief

Wooden Bow Tie Set


Beyond just matching your tie to your shirt, you can also match your tie to your personality. Choosing a nontraditional tie can take your outfit up a notch while also expressing your own personality and sense of flair.

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