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Caring for your Leather Purses and Belts

Purchasing a high-quality leather purse or belt is an investment and you can preserve your investment by properly caring for your leather purses and belts right out of the packaging. Although it is exciting to get something new and you may be tempted to use it right away, when it comes to leather taking a couple steps before you put the item to use may help get more service years out of the item.

Protect Leather Belts

Leather brass buckle belt
Leather brass buckle belt

Caring for your belt simply involves using a leather protectant, however caring for your leather purse requires that you carry out some additional steps to adequately protect the leather. You can get a quality leather protectant from a variety of online and local stores, this will need to be applied to the belt with a clean soft white cotton cloth. Then use a clean dry cotton cloth to buff the leather and remove the excess. You are now ready to wear the belt.

Protect Leather Bags & Purses

Smooth Leather Top-Handle Handbag
Smooth Leather Top-Handle Handbag

To care for purses, you will need to scotch guard the fabric lining the purse. This will not only protect and preserve the lining, but if you spill something in your purse you have a good chance it won’t leak through and stain your leather. You will want to repeat your application of leather protectant every 3-6 months for both purses and leather and scotch guard your purses lining every 3-4 months or after any spill in your purse.

Storage of Leather Items

Do not store any of your leather items in plastic or vinyl as it traps moisture. It is best not to hang belts in the bathroom where the steam from your shower can affect the leather. Purses should be stored sitting upright in a dust bag or pillow case with the handles crossed over. Use a purse insert if you have one. If you don’t have a purse insert, you can use acid free tissue paper, scarves or even a cotton towel. This will help keep the shape of the purse, while also keeping it moisture free.

Stain Removal from Leather

You want to remove stains immediately and how you remove the stain will depend on what the stain is:

  • Oil – Cornstarch is your friend if you have an oil stain on your leather. Pour a small amount of corn starch on the oil stain and then rub vigorously to create some heat. Brush off the corn starch and repeat if needed.
  • Food – Crush white chalk and put it on the stain. Allow to dry for at least 8 hours, and then brush off the chalk and stain.
  • Dirt – Use a white eraser. Don’t rub too hard or you could remove the color from your purse or belt.
  • Ink – If the ink hasn’t set yet you can use the same white eraser method as you would for dirt. If the ink has dried you will need to take it to a professional cleaner.

Using these simple methods to care for your leather goods, will help keep them looking new and beautiful for a long time.

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